Nicaragua is located between two oceans and is covered with lakes and volcanoes; it is a peaceful and warm country, where history, culture, poetry and nature all live together.

People in Nicaragua are especially kind. The nature plays a big part in the country. The virgin beaches are quiet and tranquil. Its history is highly interesting, and so is its cultural and literary development.

Nicaragua is a colourful country, with numerous elements and contrasts. It is green because of its exuberant nature all around the country. There is a huge biodiversity: the biggest areas of wet tropical forest and the best preserved ecosystem in all of Central America.

It is blue because of the water in its beaches and lakes; 305 km of beaches in the Pacific Ocean, 450 km of beaches in the Atlantic Ocean. Between the two oceans, Managua’s Lake (Xolotlán) is located, with 1053 square kilometers, and Nicaragua’s Lake (Cocibolca), with 8138 square kilometers. It is also red because of the fire from its 25 volcanoes, of which six are active.

According to the Spanish embassy in Nicaragua: “Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in the whole of Central America.”

Nicaragua: “Softly walk”.